Cinnamon keeps 84 comfortable rooms for you. Major feature of our rooms is that they are copiously spacious so that you are let to create a world of yours. We have built the space so as to give your innumerous dreams a space to stay on and grow into enchanting realities. An attractive feature is that each of the rooms have got a living room attached to it, assuring an extra space for your relaxation.

Studio Room

There are 72 Studio Rooms at Cinnamon for sheltering your dreamful days. Get into our Studio Room to experience a joyful respite. Spend your time on its balcony to watch the whimsical vistas of Thekkadi forest ranges. Respiting at the living room attached to the Studio Room let your mind fly like a butterfly in the world of imaginations. Don’t forget to listen to the chirps of birds and whistles of the wind emanating from the virgin forests.

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Family Suite (2 Bed Rooms)

Get a single Suit Room of Cinnamon to enjoy the comfort of two spacious rooms! Each of our six Suit Rooms has got two bedrooms. These very spacious rooms are equally luxurious, too. Own a Suit Room to relax as if in a palace of yours, all the way enjoying the nature.And there is the extra living room for you to unwind and float like a tufted seed of milkweed in utmost relaxation

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